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Sheng mai san(Pules-Activating Powder )---生脉散

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【组成】  人参(9g)  麦门冬(9g)  五味子(6g)
【功用】  益气生津,敛阴止汗。
【主治】  (1)温热、暑热,耗气伤阴证。汗多神疲,体倦乏力,气短懒言,咽干口渴舌干红少苔,脉虚数。(2)久咳肺虚,气阴两虚证干咳少痰,短气自汗口干舌燥,脉虚细。
【歌诀】  生脉麦味与人参,保肺清心治暑淫,气少汗多兼口渴,病危脉绝急煎斟。

Pules-Activating Powder sheng mai san

[SOURCE]: Differentiation on Indigenous and Exogenous Disease

[INGREDIENTS]: Ginseng 9g,  OPhiopogan root 12g,  Schisandra fruit 6g

[DIRECTIONS]Decoct all the above herbs in water for oral administration.

[EFFECTS] Replenishing qi, promoting generation of body fluid, astringing yin and ceasing sweating.

[INDICATIONS]: It is used for syndrome of impairment of both qi and body- fluid caused by profuse sweating due to summer-heat. The clinical manifestations are general debility, shortness of breath, dry throat, thirsty, a feeble and thread pulse, or impairment of the lung due to chronic cough marked by dry cough with little sputum, shortness of breath, spontaneous perspiration, dry mouth and tongue, a feeble and rapid pulse of a feeble and thread pulse.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: Of three herbs in this formula ginseng as the principal herb tonifies primordial qi, and benefits the lung and promotes the gener­ation of body fluid. Ophiopogan root with sweet flavor and cold property, as assis­tant herb for nourishing yin and moistening the lung, clearing the heart and relie­ving anxiousness, together with ginseng can promote the generation of qi and body fluid. Schisandra fruit being sour in flavor and warm in property acts on lung and kidney meridians, has effects on astringing the lung to generate body fluid and cease sweating, by combining with ophiopogan root, being known as the combina­tion of sour and sweet producing yin, so it is considered to be an adjuvant herb. The three herbs together have tonifying, clearing and astringing effects. They re­plenish qi, promote the generation of body fluid, astringe yin to cease sweating and an activated pulse is subsquently resulted.

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