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Shi pi yin(Spleen-Reinforcing Decoction) ---实脾散

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【组成】  厚朴(6g)  白术(6g)  木瓜(6g)  木香(6g)  草果仁(6g)  大腹子(6g)  附子(6g)  白茯苓(6g)  干姜(6g)  炙甘草(3g)
【功用】  温阳健脾,行气利水。
【主治】  阳虚水肿。身半以下肿甚,手足不温,胸腹胀满,大便溏薄,舌苔白腻,脉沉弦而迟者。
【歌诀】  实脾苓术与木瓜,甘草木香大腹加,草果附姜兼厚朴,虚寒阴水效堪夸。

Spleen-Reinforcing Decoction shi pi yin

【SOURCE】: Effective Formulae Handed Down for Generations


Magnolia bark (bark removed, parched with ginger juice) 6g,  Bighead atractylodes rhizome 6g ,  Chaenomeles fruit 6g,  Aucklandia root 6g,  Tsaoko 6g,  Shell of areca nut 6g,  Prepared aconite root 6g,  White poria 6g,  Dried ginger (baked) 6g, Roasted licorice root 3g ,  Fresh ginger 5 pcs,  Chinese date 1 pcs.

【EFFECTS】: Warming yang and strengthening the spleen, activationg qi and di­uresis.

【INDICATIONS:】 Edema due to yang deficiency marked by serious edema in the lower body, cold hands and feet, no thirst, stutty chest and abdomen, distention, fatigue, poor appetite, oliguria and loose stool, thick and greasy coating of tongue, deep and slow pulse.

【ANALYSIS OF FORMULA】: It is a common formula for treatment of edema due to deficiency of yang. Dried ginger in the formula warms spleen yang, and transforms water-dampness. Prepared aconite root warms kidney-yang, promotes transformative function of qi and induces diuresis. The combination of these two herbs can warm the spleen and kidney and strengthen yang to restrain yin. They are used as principal herbs. Bighead atractylodes rhizome invigorates the spleen and dries dampness. Poria being tasteless in flavor excretes dampress via urina­tion. Chaenomeles fruit as assistant herb dispels dampness,induces diuresis, awakens the spleen and harmonizes the stomach;and it can also astringes yin with sour flavor and prevent impairing yin by dampness-eliminating herbs. Magnolia bark being bitter in flavor and warm in property dries dampness, activates qi and eliminates fullness. Aucklandia root activates qi to stop pain and regulates the spleen and stomach. Shell of areca nut activates qi and induces diuresis. Tsaoko being pungent in flavor and hot in property warms the middle and dries damp­ness. Fresh ginger and Chinese date benefit qi and harmonize the stomach. All the above herbs are used together as adjuvant herbs. Roasted licorice root moderates the properties of all herbs in the formula as a dispatcher herbs. This formula is special for warming and tonifying the spleen-yang, and it reflects the principle of treating desease from the “root”  To reinforce function of the spleen is the basis of treating water-dampness, thus known as “spleen-reinforcing”.

In clinical practice this formula can be used for edema of chronic nephritis and heart failure manifested as syndrome of yang deficiency.

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