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Shi zao tang(Ten Jujubes Decoction )---十枣汤

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【组成】  芫花  甘遂  大戟(各等份)
【功用】  攻逐水饮。
【主治】  (1)悬饮。咳唾胸胁引痛,心下痞硬,干呕短气头痛目眩,或胸背掣痛不得息,舌苔滑,脉沉弦。(2)水肿。一身悉肿,尤以身半以下为重,腹胀喘满,二便不利。
【歌诀】  十枣逐水效堪夸,大戟甘遂与芫花,悬饮内停胸胁痛,大腹肿满用无差。

Ten Jujubes Decoction shi zao tang

[SOURCE]:Treatise on Cold-Attack


Chinese date lOpcs., kansui root, Knoxia root, Genkwa flower   (The three herbs listed above are used in the same dose.)

[DIRECTIONS]: Grind the above three herbs into fine powder and take 1. 5 to 3 grams of powder after being mixed with Chinese date decoction before meal in the early morning, once a day. After fluid-retention being purged, it can be taken with millet porridge to nourish and protect the stomach-qi.

[EFFECTS]:Purging fluid-retention.

[INDICATIONS]: Suspended fluid-retention marked by pain in the chest and hypochondrium when coughing, or being unable to breathe because of chest and back pain, epigastric stuffiness and rigidity, sortness of breath, retching, head­ache, dizziness, watery tongue coating and deep and taut pulse.

It is also used for ascitic fluid like drum pertaining to excess syndrome mani­fested by distention and fullness in the abdomen, or asthma, difficulty in micturi­tion and defecation, white tongue coating, and deep and taut pulse.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]:It is a drastic formula for fluid-retention. Kansui root in the formula is good at dispelling water-dampness in the meridians. Knoxia root is good at purging water-retention of the viscera. Genkwa flower is every ef­fective for removing latent fluid-retention and hypochondriac phlegm in the chest and hypochondrium, These three herbs have a very strong purgative action, and each has its special effect. The combination of the three herbs produces the effect of inter-reinforcement and purges fluid-retention in the chest and abdomen. Because the three herbs have toxicity and are apt to impair the genuine-qi, Chinese date is used to replenish qi and protect the stomach, and meanwhile it can moder­ate the strong purgative action and toxicity of the other herbs so that the formula has the effect of purging the evil without impairment of the genuine-qi.

This formula is also called Three Sage Powder in the General Collection for Holy Relief. Later on, its form was modified into pills, named Ten Jujubes Pills in Danxi’s Experiental Therapies. it is comvenient to take it. This is a method of agai­ning the moderate action with drastic purgative herbs.

This formula has potent action and toxicity, overdose should be avoided and attention should be paid to its usage and indications. They should be dispensed, accordign to the actual conditions. The combined use of Ten Jujubes Decoction and foumula for strengthening the spleen and tonification can achieve the result of purging out the evil-qi and reivforcing the genuine-qi.

In clinical practice, it can be used for hydrothorax, ascites and general edema with stronger constitution involved in exudative pleurisy, liver cirrhosis and chro­nic nephritis.

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