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Si ni san(Cold Limb Powder)---四逆散

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【组成】  炙甘草(6g)  枳实(6g)  柴胡(6g)  芍药(6g)
【功用】  透邪解郁,疏肝理气。
【主治】  (1)阳郁厥逆证。手足不温,或身微热,或咳,或悸,或小便不利,或腹痛,或泄利,脉弦。(2)肝脾不和证。胁肋胀闷,脘腹疼痛,脉弦等。
【歌诀】  四逆散里用柴胡,芍药枳实甘草须,此是阳郁成厥逆,疏肝理脾奏效奇。


Si ni san(Cold Limb Powder)


Roasted licorice root 6g,  Unripened bitter orange 6g , Bupleurum root 6g , White peony root 9g

[DIRECTIONS]:Decoct the above herbs in water for oral administration.

[EFFECTS]:Expelling evils and relieving stagnation, soothing the liver to regulate spleen.

[INDICATIONS]:Shaoyin diseases manifested by cold limbs, or cough, or palpi­tation, or disuria, or abdominal pain, or diarrhea with tenesmus.

A[NALYSIS OF FORMULA]: This is originally a representative formula for cold limbs of heat type, but now it is extensively applied to hypochondriac and ab­dominal pain due to disharmony between the liver and spleen. Bupleurum root can soothe the liver for promoting the functional activity of qi as well as dispelling the stagnated heat. White peony root is to nourish blood for gentling the liver and re­lieving spasm and pain. They both act as the main herbs. As the assistant herb, unriptned bitter orange lowers qi to relieve stuffiness. The cooperation of bupleu­rum root and unripened bitter orange can regulate the functional activity of qi to dispel the stagnated heat with both ascending and descending. Licorice root is the dispatcher herb to harmonize all the components. By cooperating with white peony root, it can also relieve spasm and pain.

In the present clinic, it is applied to chronic hepatitis, ascariasis of biliary tract, pancreatitis and intercostal neuralgia, etc.


Bupleurum Liver-Soothing Powder (chai hu shu gan san)(Jingyue,s Com­plete Works):

Tangerine peel 6g; bupleurum root 6g; chuanxiong rhizome 4. 5g; nutgrass flatsedge rhizome 4. 5g; bitter orange 4. 5g; white peony root 4. 5g Roasted licorice root 1. 5g.

The above herbs should be decocted in water for oral administration.

Effects: soothing the liver and activating qi for harmonizing blood and relieving pain. Indi­cations :hypochondriac pain with alternate chill and fever.

NOTES:This formula is based on Cold Limbs Powder by removing unripened bitter orange and adding tangerine peel, bitter orange, chuanxiong rhizome and nutgrass flatsedge rhizome, so the effect of activating qi and harmonizing blood is strengthened. It is mainly applied to hypochondriac pain due to stagnation of the liver-qi.

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