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Si shen wan(Four Miraculous Herbs Pills) ---四神丸

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【组成】  肉豆蔻(6g)  补骨脂(12g) 五味子(6g)  吴茱萸(6g)
【功用】  温肾暖脾,固肠止泻。
【主治】  肾泄。五更泄泻,不思饮食,食不消化,或腹痛肢冷,神疲乏力,舌淡,苔薄白,脉沉迟无力。
【歌诀】  四神故纸与吴萸,肉寇五味四般须,大枣生姜为丸服,五更肾泄最相宜
Four Miraculous Herbs Pills si shen wan

[SOURCE]: Standards of Diagnosis and Treatment

[INGREDIENTS:] Netmeg 60g,  Psoralea fruit 120g,  Schisandra fruit 60g,  Evodia fruit( saturated and fried) 30g   

[DIRECTIONS]: Add 240 grams of fresh ginger and 100 pieces of Chinese date to the above-mentioned herbs, grind them into power and make into pills for oral administration. Take 9 to 12 grams each time before meal or before going to bed with warm boiled water. Or, decoct all the above herbs in water for oral adminis­tration with the dosage adjusted proportionally. 

[EFFECTS]: Warming and tonifying the spleen and kidney, consolidating the intestines to control diarrhea.

[INDICATIONS] Chronic diarrhea due to deficiency cold of the spleen and kid­ney or morning-diarrhea with anorexia, loose stools of undigested food, or abdomi­nal pain, lumbago, cold limbs, listlessness, pale tongue with white coating, and deep, slow and feeble pulse.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: It is common formula for morning-diarrhea. Net­meg with pungent flavor and warm property is a principal herb with the effects on warming the kidney and invigorating the spleen. Evodia fruit warms the middle to dispel cold, regulates qi to alleviate pain; Psoralea fruit warms the kidney and spleen. Both are assistant herbs. Schisandra fruit is sour in flavor and warm in property. It has the effects on astringing the essence and benefiting qi. Fresh gin­ger and Chinese dates replenish the spleen and stomach, dispel the cold to harmo­nize the stomach. They are all used as dispatcher herbs.

   Chronic enteritis, intestinal tuberculosis and allergic enteritis pertaining to deficiency cold of the spleen and kidney can be treated by this formula.



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