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Su he xiang Storax Pills ---苏合香丸

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【组成】  苏合香(一两)  龙脑[冰片](一两)  麝香(二两)  安息香(二两)  青木香(二两)  香附(二两)  白檀香(二两)  丁香(二两)  沉香(二两)  荜茇(二两)  熏陆香[乳香](一两)  白术(二两)  诃黎勒(煨,二两)  朱砂(二两)  水牛角(浓缩粉,二两)
【功用】  芳香开窍,行气温中。
【主治】  寒闭证。突然昏倒,牙关紧闭,不省人事,苔白,脉迟;心腹卒痛,甚则昏厥。亦治中风中气及感受时行瘴疠之气,属于寒闭证者。
【歌诀】  苏合香丸麝息香,木丁朱乳荜檀襄,牛冰术沉诃香附,中恶救急莫彷徨。

Storax Pills su he xiang wan

[SOURCE]: Prescription of Peaceful Benevolent Dispensary


Bighead atractylodes rhizome 60g Dutchmanspipe root 60g Rhinoceros horn 6g

Nutgrass -flatsedge rhizome(stir-fried, remove the hair) 60g Cinnabar (ground, refined with water) 60g Myrobalan fruit(roasted in ashes) 60g White sandal wood 6g

Benzoin(ground into powder, decocted in a liter of limeless liquor into ex­tract) 6g

Eagle wood 6g Cloves 60g Long pepper 6g Musk 6g Borneol ( ground) 30g

Oriental sweetgum resin(mixed with the extract Benzoinum) 3g 01ibanum(ground alone) 30g

[DIRECTIONS]: Grind the above-mentioned ingredients into fine powder and then mix them with honey to make into boluses, each weighing 3 grams. Take one bolus each time with warm boiled water. Half dosage for children.

[EFFECTS]: Openning orifices with aromatics and activating qi to stop pain.

[INDICATIONS]: Wind-stroke, direct cold-attack, attack of pestilent factors, phlegm-syncope, qi-syncope and others belonging to closure syndrome marked by

falling down in a fit, lock-jaw, loss of consciousness, or sudden pain in the chest and abdomen and fainting caused by qi stagnation due to direct cold-attack.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: Oriental sweetgum resin, musk, borneol and benzoin are used as principal herbs to open orifices. Nutgrass flatsedge rhizome, dutchmanspipe root, cloves, eagle wood, olibanum, and white sandal wood as assis­tant herbs activate qi and relieve stasis, expel cold and resolve the turbid-evil, reg­ulate qi and the blood. Long pepper as adjuvant herbs expels cold to alleviate pain and warms the middle to activate qi. Rhinoceros horn is used for clearing away heart-heat and toxins. Cinnabar tranquilizes the mind. Bighead atractylodes rhizo­me invigorates the spleen to eliminate dampness and harmonizes the middle to re­solve the turbid-evil. Myrobalan fruit has the effect of astringing qi. It combines with various aromatics to prevent excessive effect of pungent and aromatic herbs from causing consumption of the genuine-qi.

In clinical practice, this formula is often used for cerebrovascular accident, hysterical syncope, epilepsy, concussion of brain during the stage of coma, angina pectoris at the time of attack and others manifested as cold-closure syndrome.

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