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Taizishen (Heterophylla Falsesatarwort Root)---太子参(powder100g/bottle)

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010.pngThis medicinal is the dried root tuber of Peseudostellaria heterophylla(Miq.)Pax ex Pax et Hoffm. (Fam. Caryophyllaceae). It is harested in summer when most leaves have withered away. After removal of its rootlets, it is dried by natural sunlight immediately or after slightly scalding in boiling water and then utilized in its unprocessed form.

[ Medicinal Properties ]: Sweet, slightly bitter, neural; relate to spleen and lung meridians.

[ Medicinal Efficacies ]: Tonify spleen qi ; promote fluid production and nourish lung.

[ Clinical Application ]: 1. Spleen deficiency syndrome, lassitude and anorexia      It is a moderate tonic. To treat anorexia, lassitude, dry mouth and tongue, due to weakness of spleen qi and deficiency of stomach yin, it is combined with Shanyao and Shihu.

2. Insufficiency of qi and yin after disease      To treat spontaneous sweating, thirst, due to insufficiency of qi and yin after febrile disease, it is used in combination with Shengdihuang and Zhimu. For palpitations, insomnia, hyperhydrosis with deficiency-heat, due to deficiency of heart qi and heart yin, it is combined with Wuweizi and Suanzaoren.

3. Dry cough due to lung insufficiency      In this case, it is combined with Beishashen and Maidong.

[ Usage and Dosage ]: 9-30g.

太子参为石竹科植物异叶假繁缕Peseudostellaria heterophylla (Miq.)Pax ex pax et Hoffm.的块根。主产于江苏、安徽、山东等省。夏季茎叶大部分枯萎时采挖,除去须根,置沸水中略烫后晒干或直接晒干,生用。

       【药性】甘、微苦、平。归脾、肺经。        【功效】补气健脾,生津润肺。       
【应用】        用于脾肺气阴两虚证。本品能补脾肺之气,兼能养阴生津,其性略偏寒凉,属补气药中的清补之品。宜用于热病之后,气阴两亏,倦怠自汗,饮食减少,口干少津,而不宜温补者。因其作用平和,多入复方作病后调补之药。治疗脾气虚弱、胃阴不足所致食少倦怠,口干舌燥,宜与山药、石斛等益脾气、养胃阴之品同用;本品亦可用于心气与心阴两虚所致心悸不眠,虚热汗多,宜与五味子、酸枣仁等养心安神敛汗之品同用。       
【古籍摘要】        1.《中国药用植物志》:“治小儿出虚汗为佳”。        2.《江苏药材志》:“补肺阴、健脾胃。治肺虚咳嗽,心悸,精神疲乏等症。”       
【现代研究】        1.化学成分:本品含氨基酸、多糖、皂苷、黄酮、鞣质、香豆素、甾醇、三萜及多种微量元素等。        2.药理作用:太子参对淋巴细胞有明显的刺激作用。       

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