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Tian ma gou teng yin(Gastrodia and Uncaria Decoction )---天麻钩藤饮

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【组成】  天麻(9g)  钩藤(后下,12g)  石决明(先煎,18g)  栀子(9g)  黄芩(9g)  川牛膝(12g)  杜仲(9g)  益母草(9g)  桑寄生(9g)  夜交藤(9g)  朱茯神(9g)
【功用】  平肝熄风,清热活血,补益肝肾。
【主治】  肝阳偏亢,肝风上扰证。头痛眩晕,失眠,舌红苔黄,脉弦。
【歌诀】  天麻钩藤石决明,杜仲牛膝桑寄生,栀子黄芩益母草,茯神夜交安神宁。

Gastrodia and Uncaria Decoction tian ma gou teng yin

[SOURCE]: New Discussion on the Syndromes and Treatment of Miscellaneous Diseases

[INGREDIENTS]:Gastrodia tuber 9g,  Uncaria stem with hooks 12g(to be decocted last),  Abalone shell 18g (to be decocted first),  Capejasmine fruit 9g,   Scutellaria root 9g,   Eucommia bark 9g ,  Cyathula root 12g,   Motherwort 9g,  Loranthus mulberry mistletoe 12g ,  Fleece-f lower stem 9g,   Proia with hostwood 9g

[DIRECTIONS]:Decoct the above herbs in water for oral administration.

[EFFECTS]:Subduing the liver to stop wind, clearing away heat and activating blood, tonifying both the liver and kidney.

[INDICATIONS]: Hyperactivity of the liver-yang with upward rebellion of the liver-wind marked by headache, vertigo and insomnia.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: This is a good formula for treating headache, ver­tigo and insomia due to the rebellious liver-yang. Acting as the main herbs, gastro­dia tuber, uncaria stem with hooks and abalone shell all have the effects of subdu­ing the liver to stop wind. As the assistant herbs, capejasmine fruit and scutellaria root clear away heat and fire so as to prevent the hyperactivity of the liver-yang. Motherwort is to activate blood and to promote urination; cyathula root induces blood downward as well as tonifying the liver and kidney by combination with eu­commia bark and loranthus mulberry mistletoe; fleece-flower stem and poria with hostwood calms the mind. They all act as the adjuvant and dispatcher herbs. For the severe caseantelope’s horn could be added.


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