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Tian tai wu yao san(Tiantai Lindera Powder)---天台乌药散

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【组成】  天台乌药(12g)  木香(6g)  小茴香(6g)  青皮(6g)  高良姜(9g)  槟榔(9g)  川楝子(12g)  巴豆(12g)
【功用】  行气疏肝,散寒止痛。
【主治】  小肠疝气少腹引控睾丸而痛,偏坠肿胀,或少腹疼痛,苔白,脉弦。
【歌诀】  天台乌药木茴香,巴豆制楝青槟姜,行气疏肝止疼痛,寒疝腹痛是良方。

Tiantai Lindera Powder tian tai wu yao san

[SOURCE]: Invention of Medicine

[INGREDIENTS]:Lindera root 12g ,  Aucklandia root 6g ,  Common fennel fruit (parched) 6g ,  Green tangerine peel 6g ,  Galangal rhizome(parched) 9g,   Areca seed 9g ,  Sichuan chinaberry 12g,   Croton seed 12g

[DIRECTIONS] First, crush croton seed and parch with sichuan chinaberry and wheat bran to dark brass and then remove croton seed and wheat bran. Secondly, grind the all ingredients into powder. Take 3 grams each time with, warm liquor. It can be decocted with proper amount of liquor in water for oral adminis­tration, but croton seed should be omitted.

[EFFECTS]: Activating qi and sooting the liver, and expelling cold and relie­ving pain. 

[INDICATIONS]: Hernia caused by qi stagnation due to cold, coagulation in the Liver Meridian marked by pain in the lower abdomen radiating to the testis, pale tongue with white coating, deep and slow or taut pulse.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: It is a common formula for hernia caused by qi stagnation due to cold coagulation. Predecessors stated: “activating qi is used first when treating hernias. Lindera root in the formula is used as the principal herb with effects of activating qi, soothig the liver, expelling cold and relieving pain. Common fennel fruit warms the liver and expels cold. Galangal rhizome dispels cold to relieve pain. Green rangerine peel regulates qi to soothe the liver. Auck- landia root activates qi to relieve pain. Working together, they are assistant herbs. Areca seed, directly entering into the lower-jiao, has the effects of activating qi and resolving stagnation to break hardness. Sichuan chinaberry is prepared with croton seed in order to decrease its bitter cold nature and increase the effects of activating and resolving stasis. These two herbs play the roles of adjuvant and dis­patcher herbs.

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