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Tian wang bit xin dan(Heaven King Heart-Nourishing Pellets) ---天王补心丹

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【组成】  酸枣仁(9g)  柏子仁(9g)  当归身(9g)  天门冬(9g)  麦门冬(9g)  生地黄(12g)  人参(5g)  丹参(5g)  白茯苓(5g)  五味子(5g)  远志(5g)  桔梗(5g)
【功用】  滋阴养血,补心安神。
【主治】  阴虚血少,神志不安证。心悸失眠,虚烦神疲梦遗健忘手足心热,口舌生疮,舌红少苔,脉细而数。
【歌诀】  补心丹用柏枣仁,二冬生地当归身三参桔梗朱砂味,远志茯苓共养神。

Heaven King Heart-Nourishing Pellets tian wang bit xin dan

[SOURCE]: Analysis on the Secret of Life-Presserving

[INGREDIENTS]: Ginseng(stem removed) 15g , Red sage root( slightly parched) 15g , Figwort root (slightly parched) 15g , White poria 15g , Schisandra fruit (roasted) 15g,  Polygala root (parched) 15g ,  Platycodon root 15g , Chinese angelica root (wine washed) 6g ,  Lucid asparagus root 6g ,  Ophiopogon 6g ,  Arborvitae seed(parched) 6g,  Wild juyube seed(parched) 6g,    Dried rehmannia root (wine washed) 120g,  Cinnabar 15g

[DIRECTIONS]: Grind the herbs into fine powder and then mix them with honey to make into pills coated with cinnabar, Take 9 grams each time with warm boiled water, three times a day. It can also be made into decoction for oral admin­istration, with the dosage deducted proportionally.

[EFFECTS] Nourishing the yin and blood and tonifying the heart to tranquil­ize the mind.

[INDICATIONS ] Deficiency-fire stirring up inside due to impairment of yin and blood manifested as deficient vexation, insomnia palpitation, mental weari­ness ,nocturnal emission, amnesia, dry stools, ulceration of the mouth and tongue, red tongue with little coating, thready and rapid pulse.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: It is a common formula which is to treat flaring of fire due to yin deficiency caused by insufficiency of both the heart and kidney with symptoms of insomnia, palpitation, nocturnal emission and amnesia. Dried re­hmannia root is used in large dosage to clear away heart-fire in the upper, and to enrich kidney-water in the lower, producing the effects of tonifying the kidney and heart, and clearing heat to tranquilize the mind, It is a principal herb in the formu­la. Figwort root, lucid asparagus root and ophiopogon assist dried rehmannia root in nourishing yin to clear away heat, acting as assistant herbs. Chinese angelica root and red sage root replenish the blood to nourish the heart. Ginseng and poria tonify qi and tranquilize the mind. Arborvitae seed, polygala root, wild jujube seed, cinnabar and schisandra fruit as the adjuvant herbs astringe the heart-qi and calm the heart to tranquilize the mind. Platycodon root is a dispatcher herb to take effect of carrying the potency of all ingredients in the formula upward. The joint use of all herbs can create yin-blood replenished, deficiency-fire reduced, thus, with the heart-spirit tranquilized followed.

Both this formula and Back to the Spleen Decoction can be used for palpita­tion, insomnia and amnesia. However, the principal effect of the latter is to replen­ish and nourish the blood to harmonize both the heart and spleen, it is therefore used for deficiency of qi and blood; While the former, stresses on nourishing yin and blood and kidney, it is therefore used for deficiency of yin and blood.

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