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Tong cao ( Ricepaperplant Pith)---通草(powder100g/bottle)

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It is the dried stalk marrow of Tetrapanax papyriferus (Hook.) K.Koch. family Acanthuopanax gracilistylus. The stem is cut and collected in the autumn. When it is fresh, the marrow is removed. Then, it is kept straight, dried in the sunshine. After all the impurities are removed it is cut into segments, and the raw form is used as a medicine.

[ Medicinal Properites ]: Sweet, tasteless and slightly cold; relate to the lung and stomach meridians.

[ Medicinal Efficacies ]: Clear away heat and proote diuresis; promote lactation.

[ Usage and Dosage]: 3-6g. It is taken orally.

[ Precautions] : It should be used with caution when treating pregnant womean.

[ Clinical Applications ]: 1. Heat stranguria manifesting as astringent pain in urination. Due to its neutrality, it is often used as an assistant and guide medicinal, and usually combined with Huashi, Chuan-Mutong and Baimaogen.

2. Unsmooth lactation . It can be utilized individually, or cooked with pig's feet and consumed orally. Also , it can be combined together with Chuanshanijia, Wangbuliuxing and Mutong.

通草为五加科植物通脱木Tetrapanax papyriferus(Hook.)K.Koch的干燥茎髓。主产于贵州、云南、四川、台湾、广西等地。多为栽培:秋季割取茎。裁成段,趁鲜时取出茎髓,理直,晒干,切片,生用。
【药性】甘、淡,微寒。归肺、胃经。        【功效】利尿通淋,通气下乳。       
【应用】        1.淋证,水肿。本品气寒味淡而体轻,入太阴肺经,引热下降而利小便,既通淋,又消肿。尤宜于热淋之小便不利,淋沥涩痛,与冬葵子、滑石、石韦同用,如通草饮子《普济方》;用于石淋,可与金钱草、海金沙等同用;用于血淋,可与石韦、白茅根、蒲黄等同用;用于水湿停蓄之水肿证,可配猪苓、地龙、麝香,共研为末,米汤送服,如通草散《小儿卫生总微论方》。       
【用法用量】煎服,3~5g。        【使用注意】孕妇慎用。       
【古籍摘要】        1.《日华子本草》谓其“明目,退热,催生,下胞,下乳。”        2.《医学启源》:“通阴窍涩不利,利小便,除水肿,癃闭,五淋。”       
【现代研究】        1.化学成分:本品含肌醇、多聚戊糖、葡萄糖、半乳糖醛酸及谷氨酸等15种氨基酸,尚含钙、镁、铁等21种微量元素。       
【其他】通草 、木通名称不同,气味有别。但今之木通,古书称为“通草”。今之通草,古书称为“通脱木”,当知区别,不可混淆。       

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