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Wan dai tang(Treating Morbid Leukorrhagia Decoction) ---完带汤

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Treating Morbid Leukorrhagia Decoction wan dai tang---完带汤 

【组成】  白术(30g) 山药(30g)  人参(6g)  白芍(15g)  车前子(9g)  苍术(9g)  甘草(3g)  陈皮(2g)  黑芥穗(2g)  柴胡(2g)
【功用】 补脾疏肝,化湿止带。
【主治】  脾虚肝郁,湿浊带下带下色白,清稀如涕,肢体倦怠,舌淡苔白,脉缓或濡弱。
【歌诀】  完带汤中用白术,山药人参白芍辅,苍术车前黑芥穗,陈皮甘草与柴胡。 

【SOURCE】: Fu Qingzhu’s Obstetrics and Gynecology

【INGREDIENTS】:Bighead atractylodes rhizome(sand-fried) 30g ,  Chinese yam(fried) 30g ,  Ginseng 6g,  White peony root (wine-fried) 15g,   Plantain seed(wine-fried) 9g ,Atractylodes rhizome 9g ,  Licorice root 3g ,  Tangerine peel 1.5g, Schizonepeta spike 1.5g ,  Bupleurum root 1.8g 

DIRECTIONS: Decoct all the above herbs in water for oral administration.

【 EFFECTS】 Replenishing the middle, strengthening the spleen and dispelling dampness to cure leukorrhagia. 

【INDICATIONS】: Downward flow of damp-turbidity due to spleen deficiency and liver stagnation marked by white of yellow colored, thin vaginal discharge without foul smell, pale complexion, fatigue, loose stools, pale tongue with white coating, moderate pules or soft and feeble pulse. 

【ANALYSIS OF FORMULA】: It is a common formula for morbid leukorrhagia due to spleen deficiency. Ginseng replenishes the spleen and benefits qi, bighead atractylodes rhizome dries dampness and strengthens the spleen, Chinese yam in- vigoraties the spleen to arrest morbid leukorrhagia. They work as principal herbs. Atractylodes rhizome and tangerine peel are bitter in flavor and warm in property, and have effects of on drying dampness, strengthening the spleen and regulating qi. Plantain seed as assistant herb with tasteless flavor has the effects on excreting dampness and diuresis. The combination of the principal and assistant herbs not only replenishes the genuine-qi without retaining the evil-qi, but also dispels the e- vil-qi without impairing the genuine-qi. Bupleurum root and white peony root as adjuvant herbs nourish blood to gentle the liver and regulate qi to soothe the liver so as to prevent liver-wood restraining spleen-earth, schizonepeta spike disperses dampness to cure leukorrhagia. Licorice root as a dispatcher herb benefits the stomach to harmonize the middle and coordinates the other herbs. 

This formula is not suitable for treatment of morbid leukorrhagia with sticky and stinking yellow discharge or with reddish discharge due to depression of the liver transformed into fire and downward flow of damp-heat.

   Yihuang Decoction (yi huang tang)---易黄汤
【组成】  山药(30g) 芡实(30g)  黄柏(6g)  车前子(3g)  白果(12g)
【功用】  补肾清热,祛湿止带。
【主治】  湿热带下带下色黄,其气腥秽,舌红,苔黄腻者。
【歌诀】  易黄白果与芡实,车前黄柏加薯蓣,能消带下粘稠秽,补肾清热又祛湿。 

[SOURCE]: Fu Qingzhu,s Obstetrics and Gynecology

[INGREDIENTS:] Chinese yam(parched) 30g ,  Gordon euryale seed(parched) 30g ,  Phellodendron bark(parched with salt solution) 6g,   Plantain seed(parched) with wine 3g,  Gingko nut(crushed) lOg

[DIRECTIONS]: Decoct all the above herbs in water for oral administraiton.

[EFFECTS]: Strengthening the spleen, drying dampness, clearing heat and cu­ring morbid leukorrhagia.

[INDICATIONS]: Morbid leukorrhagia due to damp-heat caused by deficiency of the spleen. 


(2)     Morbid Leukorrhagia-Eliminating Decoction(qing dai tang)---清带汤 

【SOUREC】: Integration of Chinese and Western Medicine

【 INGREDIENTS】:Chinese yam 30g,  Dragon bone(crushed) 18g,  Tortoise plastron(Crushed) 18g,  Mantis egg-case(cleaned and crushed) 12g,  Rubia root 9g 

【DIRECTION】: Decoct all the herbs in water for oral administration. 

【EFFECTS】: Strengthening the spleen and arresting morbid leukorrhagia. INDICATION: Morbid leukorrhagia due to damp-heat caused by deficiency of the spleen. 

NOTES: Treating Morbid Leukorrhagia Decoction, Yihuang Decoction and Morbid Leukorrhagia-Eliminating Decoction are all used for morbid leukorrhagia due to deficiency of the spleen. Among them,

the first one is Treating Morbid Leukorrhagia Decoction,suitable for syndrome of morbid leukorrhagia due to spleen deficiency accompanied by symptoms of liver depression. It stresses on strengthening the spleen and replenishing qi, and gives consideration to soothing the liver and arresting morbid leukorrhagia.

The second one is Yihuang Decoction, used for morbid leukorrhagia with symptions of damp-heat, so that it aims at invigorating the spleen to arrest morbid leukorrhagia, and clearing away heat and draining off dampness simultaneously.

The third one is  Morbid Leukorrhagia-Eliminating Decoction,used for morbid leu­korrhagia due to spleen deficiency manifested as reddish and white discharge. It has the functions both in strengthening the spleen to arrest morbid leukorrhagia and harmonizing nutrient-qi.




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