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Wen pi tang(Spleen-Warming Decoction)---温脾汤

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组成】  大黄(15g)  当归(9g)  干姜(9g)  附子(6g)  人参(6g)  芒硝(6g)  甘草(6g)

【功用】  攻下寒积,温补脾阳
【主治】  寒积腹痛。便秘腹痛,脐下绞结,绕脐不止,手足欠温,苔白不渴,脉沉弦而迟。
【歌诀】  温脾参附与干姜,甘草当归硝大黄,寒热并行治寒积,脐腹绞结痛非常。

wen pi tang(Spleen-Warming Decoction)


Rhubarb 12g, Prepared aconite lateral root 12g , Dry ginger 6g Ginseng 6g , Licorice root 6g

[DIRECTIONS]: Decoct the above herbs in water for oral administration except rhubarb which should be put in posteriorly.                                                                               

[EFFECTS]: Warming spleen-yang and purging cold accumulation.

【INDICATIONS】: Cold accumulation marked by constipation, or chronic dysen­tery with whitish and reddish mucus, abdominal pain, cold limbs, deep and taut pulse.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: This is a representative formula for deffciency of spleen-yang with cold accumulation.If only to purge the cold accumulation, it may injure the middle-yang; if only apply warming therapy, it will be difficult to remove the cold accumulation. So the only method is to warm the spleen-yang and to purge cold accumulation simultaneously. The combination of prepared aconite lateral root and rhubarb, both as the main herbs, warm the interior for dispelling cold and and purge the cold accumulation. Being pungent flavor and hot nature and as the assistant herbthe dry ginger specializes in warming the spleen-yang to assist prepared aconite lateral root in expelling cold coagulation. Ginseng is the adjuvant herb,with sweet flavor and warm nature, to invigorate the middle-qi as well as preventing injury of the spleen and stomach-qi caused by over purgation. As the dispatcher herb, licorice root can strengthen ginseng in invigorating qi as well as harmonizing all the components.

This formula and Rhubarb and Aconite Decoction share the identical main herbs which are used to warm the interior for expelling cold evil and purge the cold accumulation. In Rhubarb and Aconite Decoction, asarum herb is cooperated to dispel cold for assuaging pain, so it is applied to constipation due to cold accumulation without deficiency of the middle-qi. In Spleen-Warming Decoction, dry ginger, ginseng and licorice root are cooperated to warm yang and to invigorate qi for consolidating the middle-jiao,so it is applied to deficient syndrome complicated by excess, i.e. deficient cold of the spleen and stomach complicated with cold acccumulation.


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