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Wu mei wan (Black Plum Pills)---乌梅丸

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【组成】  乌梅(30g) 细辛(3g)  干姜(9g)  黄连(6g)  当归(6g)  附子(6g)  蜀椒(5g)  桂枝(6g)  人参(6g)  黄柏(6g)

【功用】  温脏安蛔
【主治】  蛔厥证。腹痛时作,心烦呕吐,时发时止,常自吐蛔,手足厥冷。亦治久痢久泻
【歌诀】  乌梅丸用细辛桂,黄连黄柏及当归,人参椒姜加附子,清上温下又安蛔。
Black Plum Pills wu mei wan
[SOURCE]:Treatise on Clod-Attack

[INGREDIENTS]: Black plum 30g,  Asarum herb 3g,  Dry ginger 15g,  Coptis root 8g,  Chinese angelica root 12g,  Prepared aconite lateral root 15g,  Pricklyash peel lOg,  Cassia twig 12g,  Ginseng 12g,  Phellodendron bark 12g

[DIRECTIONS]:Soaked the black plums in 50% vinegar for 24 hours, then re­move its kernel, mix with other herbs. Then they are dried by baking or in the sun and ground into powder which is then mixed with honey and made into pills, take 9 gram of this pills each time, once or three times a day, with warm water before meal. Or Decoct the above herbs in water for oral administration.

[EFFECTS]: Warming the viscera to tonify deficiency, purging heat to calm ascaris.             

[INDICATIONS]: Cold Limbs syndrome due to ascariasis marked by paroxys­mal vexation and vomiting, or vomiting ascaris after meal, cold limbs, abdominal colic. Also chronic dysentery or chronic diarrhea. 

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]:This is a common formula for calming ascaris to stop pain. According to the theory that ascaris will be calmed it encountering the sour flavor, will be subsided if encountering the pungent flavor, and will be ex­pelled if encountering the bitter flavor, black plum act as the main herb to calm ascaris for stopping pain with its sour flavor. As the assistant herbs, pricklyash peel and asarum herb, with their pungent flavor, can warm the viscera, expel cold as well as subside ascaris; cassia twig and prepared aconite lateral root can strengthen the power of warming the interior and dispelling cold; coptis root and phellodendron bark, with their bitter flavor, can purge ascaris and clear away the stomach-heat. Ginseng and Chinese angelica root act as the adjuvant herbs to rein­force both qi and blood. Honey is the dispatcher to harmonize all the components.

In the present clinic, this formula has certain curative effects for biliary asca­riasis. It can also be applied to chronic dysentery and chronic gastroenteritis per­taining to upper heat and lower cold with deficiency of both qi and blood.

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