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Wu ren wan(Five Kinds of Kernels Pills )---五仁丸

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【组成】  桃仁(15g)  杏仁(15g)  柏子仁(9g)  松子仁(9g)  郁李仁(5g)  陈皮(15g)
【功用】  润肠通便。
【主治】  津枯便秘。大便干燥,艰涩难出,以及年老或产后血虚便秘。
【歌诀】  五仁柏仁杏仁桃,松仁陈皮郁李饶,炼蜜为丸米饮下,润肠通便此方效。

Wu ren wan(Five Kinds of Kernels Pills )


Peach kernel 15g,  Bitter apricot kernel 30g,  Arborvitae seed 3. 75g , Pine seed 3g,  Bush-cherry seed 3g,  Tangerine peel 120g

[DIRECTIONS]:Grind the above herbs into powder. Then mix it with honey to make into form of pill as large as Chinese parasol seed, fifty pills each time.

[EFFECT]:Moistening intestines to relieve constipation.

[INDICATIONS]: Dryness of intestinal fluid manifested by difficulty in defeca­tion and constipation of the aged or due to blood deficiency after delivery.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: Thia is a representative formula for moistening intestines to relieve constipation. Except tangerine peel, all the other five herbs are fat-riched seeds which can moisten intestines to relieve constipation without injuring the body fluid. Peach and bitter apricot kernels as the main herbs moisten in­testines ,activate blood and lower qi in the comparatively large dosage. As the as­sistant herbs, pine, arborvitae, bush-cherry seeds and honey strengthen the moistening power. With the largest dosage, tangerins peel activates qi for strengthe­ning spleen, which can prevent the greasiness impeding the stomach-qi as well as promoting flow of qi to relieve constipation. So it is very suitable to constipation due to insufficiency of body fluid. But because peach kernel can activate blood and clear meridians, bush-cherry is a strong purgative, it should be cautious to apply :his formula to constipation of pregnant woman.

If the form of medicine is changed from pills to decoction in clinic, tangerine reel, pine seed and peach kernel should be removed and trichosanthes seed and hemp seed should be added. Trichosanthes seed and hemp seed have the compara­tively powerful effect on moistening intestines to relieve constipation. Clinically different choices can be chosen based on the disease conditions.

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