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WuMei (Jaume/Smoked Plum)---乌梅(powder100g/bottle)

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The source is from the dry nearly ripe fruit of Prunus mume (Sieb.) Sieb. et Zucc.,family Rosaceae. The medicinal material is collected in summer when the fruit is nearly ripe. It is baked at a low temperature until the pulp is turns black with the peel has wrinkled. After the core is removed, the raw or carbonized form is used for medication.

[Medicinal Properties]: Sour, astringent and neutral; relate to the liver, spleen, lung, large intestine meridians.

[Medicinal Efficacies]: Astringe the lung; astringe the intestine; promote the production of body fluid; relieve ascaris colic.

[Clinical Applications]:

  1. Prolonged cough due to deficiency of the lung      In treating prolonged cough with a small amount of sputum due to deficiency of the lung, or dry cough without sputum, it is often used together with Yingsuqiao and Kuxingren, such as in the formula Yifu Powder.

      2.Prolonged diarrhea or dysentery For prolonged diarrhea or dysentery, it can be used together with Yisuqiao, such as in the formula Guchang Pill. In treating hygropyretic dysentery, purulent hematochezia, it can be combined with Huanglian, such as in the formula Wumei Pill.

      3.Xiaoke (diabetes) due to deficiency heat  Its single decoction is effective in treating Xiaoke (diabetes) due to heat of deficiency type, or used together with Tianhuafen, Maidong, and Renshen, such as in the formula Yuquan Powder.

      4.Abdominal pain and vomiting caused by intestinal ascariasis            Ascaris becomes sedated when it meets a sour flavour, as this medicine is quite sour it is a good medicine for ascariasis. In treating abdominal pain, vomiting and cold extremities caused by intestinal ascariasis, it is often combined with Chuanjiao and Huanlian, such as in the formula Wumei Pill.

In addition, when carbonized it has the function of strengthening the Thoroughfare vessel and stop metrostaxis, it can treat metrorrhagia and metrostaxis and hemafecia. Also, it is able to eliminate sores accompanied with toxins by external application, such as pterygium and head sore.

[Usage and Dosage]: 3-10g is taken orally in a large dosage may be up to 30g. For external application, the amount should be appropriate, and it can be pounded or carbonized and then ground into powder. In order to stop bleeding and diarrhea, the carbonized form is applicable.

[Precaution]: If taken orally, it is contraindicated for patients with exogenous factors or those with stagnation of sthenic heat.

[Medicinal Comparison]:

[Similarities]: Wuweizi and Wumei have the same functions of astringing the lung to relieve cough, astringing the intestine to arresting diarrhea, and promoting the production of the body fluids to stop thirst. It can treat prolonged cough, diarrhea, thirst due to consumption of the body fluids, and Xiaoke (diabetes).

[Differences]: Wuweizi has the function of tonifying the kidney, securing essence, arresting sweating, benefiting qi, nourishing the heart and calming the mind. It is able to treat asthma and cough due to deficiency of the lung and kidney, manifesting as seminal emission, spermatorrhea, spontaneous perspiration and night sweating. Wumei has the function of relieving ascaris colic and alleviating pain, arresting bleeding and removing sores and poison. Its indications include abdominal pain caused by ascariasis, metrorrhagia and metrostaxis, pterygium evagination by external applications. 

乌梅为蔷薇科植物梅Prunus mume (Sieb.)Sieb.et Zucc.的近成熟果实。主产于浙江、福建、云南等地。夏季果实近成熟时采收,低温烘干后闷至皱皮,色变黑时即成。去核生用或炒炭用。

【应用】        1.肺虚久咳。本品味酸而涩,其性收敛,入肺经能敛肺气,止咳嗽。适用于肺虚久咳少痰或干咳无痰之证。可与罂粟壳、杏仁等同用,如一服散(《世医得效方》)。       
 2.久泻,久痢。本品酸涩入大肠经,有良好的涩肠止泻痢作用,为治疗久泻、久痢之常用药。可与罂粟壳、诃子等同用,如固肠丸(《证治准绳》)。取其涩肠止痢之功,配伍解毒止痢之黄连, 亦可用于湿热泻痢,便脓血者, 如乌梅丸(《圣惠方》)。       
 3.蛔厥腹痛,呕吐。蛔得酸则静,本品极酸,具有安蛔止痛,和胃止呕的功效,为安蛔之良药。 适用于蛔虫所致腹痛、呕吐、四肢厥冷的蛔厥病证,常配伍细辛、川椒、黄连、附子等同用,如乌梅丸(《伤寒论》)。       
 4.虚热消渴。本品至酸性平, 善能生津液,止烦渴。治虚热消渴, 可单用煎服,或与天花粉、麦冬、人参等同用,如玉泉散(《沈氏尊生书》)。        此外,本品炒炭后,涩重于酸,收敛力强,能固冲止漏,可用于崩漏不止,便血等;外敷能消疮毒,可治胬肉外突,头疮等。       
【古籍摘要】        1.《神农本草经》:“下气,除热烦满,安心,止肢体痛,偏枯不仁,死肌,去青黑痔,蚀恶肉。”      
  3.《本草求真》:“乌梅酸涩而温,……入肺则收,入肠则涩,入筋与骨则软, 入虫则伏,入于死肌、恶肉、恶痣则除,刺入肉中则拔……痈毒可敷,中风牙关紧闭可开,蛔虫上攻眩扑可治,口渴可止。宁不为酸涩收敛止一验乎”。       
 【现代研究】        1.化学成分:本品主含柠檬酸、苹果酸、琥珀酸、酒石酸、碳水化合物、谷甾醇、蜡样物质及齐墩果酸样物质。       
 3.临床研究::据临床报道,用乌梅枯痔注射液注射于内痔核内,治疗初期内痔、叶状内痔、花圈状内痔、曲张型混合痔平均于2周内治愈(江苏中医杂志,1980,5:29)。 用乌梅浓煎,顿服,同时口服维生素B、C等治疗急性肝炎、慢性肝炎74例,均获良效(中西医结合杂志,1986,6,11:694)。

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