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Xian fang hud ming yin(Angelia & Mastic Decoction )---仙方活命饮

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【组成】  白芷(6g)  贝母(6g)  防风(6g)  赤芍药(6g)  当归尾(6g)  甘草节(6g)  皂角刺(炒,6g)  穿山甲(炙,6g)  天花粉(6g)  乳香(6g)  没药(6g)  金银花(25g)  陈皮(9g)
【功用】  清热解毒,消肿溃坚,活血止痛。
【主治】  痈疡肿毒初起。红肿焮痛,或身热凛寒,苔薄白或黄,脉数有力。
【歌诀】  仙方活命金银花,防芷归陈草芍加,贝母花粉兼乳没,穿山角刺酒煎佳。一切痈毒能溃散,溃后忌服用勿差。

Angelia & Mastic Decoction /God’s Life-Saving Decoction (Xian fang huo ming yin)

[SOURCE]: Revised Effective formulae for Women INGREDIENTS:

Dahurian angelica root 3g , Fritillary bulb 3g , Ledebouriella root 3g,  Red peony root 3g , Chinese angelica root 3g , Licorice root 3g , Chinese honeylocust spine 3g,  Pangolin scales 3g,  Trichosanthes root 3g , Frankincense 3g,  Myrrh 3g, Honeysuckle flower 9g T, angerine peel 9g

[DIRECTIONS]: Decoct the above herbs in water or with rice wine for oral ad­ministration.

[EFFECTS] Clearing heat and poison, resolving swelling and mass, activating blood for relieving pain.

[INDICATIONS]:The beginning of sores manifested by local swelling with se­vere pain, or fever, chill, thin white or yellow coating, strong rapid pulse.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: It is a representative formula for carbuncle and sores pertaining to yang syndrome. Being pungent and sweet flavors, honeysuckle flower acts as the main herb to disperse and clear away heat and poison as well as to clear the qi phase for cooling blood, which is good for all kind of carbuncle and sores. As the assistant herbs, ledebouriella root and dahurian angelica root are to disperse wind evil for the beginning of carbuncle and sores;Chinese angelica root, red peony root, frankincense, myrrh and tangerine peel to activate blood for dissi­pating stasis and to activate qi for dredging collaterals as well as to resolve swell­ing for relieving pain. As the adjuvant herbs, fritillary bulb and trichosanthes root clear heat and resolve phlegm as well to resolve swelling and mass;pangolin scales and Chinese honeylocust spine resolve hardness and drain pus. Licorice root clears heat and poison; rice wine activates blood for resolving swelling and -guides all herbs to the suffering location. They both act as the dispatcher herbs. This formu­la can be applied to non-suppurative sores as well as suppurative sores.

However, this formula is only suitable to sores before perforation. For the perforated sores, or sores pertaining to yin syndrome, this formula is prohibited. Besides, it should be cautious for the cases with deficiency of the spleen and stom­ach or insufficiency of qi and blood.


Four Powerful Herbs Decoction-- si miao yong an tang 四秒勇安汤

【SOURC】E: New Compilation of Proved Formulae

【INGREDIENTS】:Honeysuckle flower 30g,  Scrophularia root 30g , Chinese angelica root 15g,  Licorice root lOg

【DIRECTIONS】:Decoct the above herbs in water for oral administration.

【EFFECTS】:Clearing heat and poison, activating blood for relieving pain. INDICATIONS: Gangrene of finger or toe due to exuberant heat-poison mani­fested by local purplish redness with slight feverish sensation and swelling, severe pain, iritable fever with thirst, or ulceration with dripping of pus,red tongue, rapid pulse.


【ANALYSIS OF FORMULA】: this is an effective formula for gangrene of finger or toe due to exuberant heat-poison with consumption of yin-blood. Honeysuckle flower acts as the assistant herb, scrophularia root purges fire and poison as well to clear away heat and nourishes yin. Chinese angelica root is the adjuvant herb to activate and nourish blood for resolving stasis and swelling. Licorice root acts as the dispatcher herb to expel fire-poison and harmonize all the components.


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