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Xianmao (CommonCurculigoRhizome)--- 仙茅(powder100g/bottle)

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 This Medicinal, the dried rhizome of Curculigo orchilides Gaertn.(Fam. Amaryllidaceae), is maily produced in the southwest of China and provinces to the south of the Changjiang river. Sichuan province has the largest quantity. It is harvested before germinating in the early spring and late autumn, when the plant has withered away. After removal of its fibers, it is dried by sunlight, to avoid moth damage. It is sliced with or without maceration with washing water of ice for use.

[ Medicinal Properties ]: Pungent, hot, toxic; relate to kidney ,liver and spleen meridians.

[ Medicinal Efficacies ]: Tonifiy kidney yang; strengthen tendons and bones; expel wind-damp.

[ Clinical Applications ]: 1. Deficiency of kidney-yang and declination of life-gate fire, impotence, seminal cold, frequent urination     In this case, it is used in combination with Yinyanghuo, Bajitian and Jinyingzi.

2. Pain and cold sensation in knees and lumbus, bone limpness; chronic Bi-syndrome (cold-damp arthralgia)      For pain and cold sensation in knees and lumbus, bone limpness, it is used in combination with Duzhong and Duhuo. To treat chronic Bi-syndrome( cold-damp arthralgia), it is combined with Weilingdxian and Duhuo. Furthermore, it is able to treat dim vision, blurry vision and early graying of hair, due to the insufficiency of kidney and liver, in combination with Gouqizi and Shudihuang.

[ Usage and Dosage ]: 5-15g. It is also processed with a wine infusion or made into pills.

[ Precautions ]: It is contraindicated in patients with yin deficiency with effulgent fire. It is dry and toxic, so prolonged administration is not recommended.

仙茅为石蒜科植物仙茅Curculigo orchioides Gaertn.的根茎。产于西南及长江以南各省,四川产量甚大。春初发芽前及秋末地上部分枯萎时采挖,除去须根,晒干,防蛀。切片生用,或经米泔水浸泡切片。

       【药性】辛,热。有毒。归肾、肝经。        【功效】温肾壮阳,祛寒除湿。       
【应用】        1.肾阳不足,命门火衰之阳痿精冷、小便频数。本品辛热燥烈,善补命门而兴阳,常与淫羊藿、巴戟天、金樱子等同用,治疗命门火衰,阳痿早泄及精寒不育,如仙茅酒(《万氏家抄方》)。       
【古籍摘要】        1.《海药本草》:“主风,补暖腰脚,清安五脏,强筋骨,消食。”“益阳”       
【现代研究】        1.化学成分:仙茅主要为多种环木菠萝烷型三萜及其糖、甲基苯酚及氯代甲基苯酚等多糖类,其它尚含有含氮类化合物、醇、脂肪类化合物及黄酮醇等。       

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