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Xiao huo luo dan(Minor Collateral-Activating Pellets) ---小活络丹

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【组成】  川乌(6g)  草乌(炮,6g)  天南星(炮,6g)  地龙(6g)  乳香(5g)  没药(5g)
【功用】  祛风除湿,化痰通络,活血止痛。
【主治】  风寒湿痹。肢体筋脉疼痛,麻木拘挛,关节屈伸不利,疼痛游走不定。亦治中风,手足不仁,日久不愈,经络中湿痰瘀血,而见腰腿沉重,或腿臂间作痛。
【歌诀】  小活络丹天南星,二乌乳没与地龙,寒湿瘀血成痹痛,搜风活血经络通。

Minor Collateral-Activating Pellets ---xiao huo luo dan

[SOURCE:] Formulae of Peaceful Benevolent Dispensary

[INGREDIENTS]:Sichuan acontie root 180g,  Wild aconite root 180g ,  Earthworm 180g,   Arisaema tuber 180g ,  Frankincense 60g , Myrrh 60g

[DIRECTIONS]:Grind the above herbs into fine powder, then mix with honey to make into the form of pellet. Each pellet should weight 3 gram and one pellet is taken with long-stored wine or warm water each time twice a day.   

[EFFECTS]:Expelling wind and dampness, resolving phlegm to clear the col­laterals, activating blood to stop pain. 

[INDICATIONS]:Stagnation of wind, cold and dampness evils in the meridians manifested by spasmodic pain of limbs, stiff joints with wandering pain, and pro­longed numbness of limbs due to wind-attack, or tired waist and legs or painful extremities due to dampness, phlegm or stagnated blood in the meridians.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: This is a common formula for treating stagnation of wind, cold and dampness evils in the meridians, Being pungent flavor and warm nature, both sichuan aconite root and wild aconite root can expel wind and damp­ness for clearing the meridians. They as the main herbs have strong effect of stop­ping pain. Arisaema tuber as the assistant herb can dry dampness and resolve phlegm to clear phlegm and dampness from the meridians as well as to stop pain. Frankincense and myrrh as the adjuvant herbs can promote flow of qi and blood to resolve the stagnated blood in collaterals. Earthworm clears the meridians; long- stored wine strengthens the medicinal power. They act as the dispatcher herbs to guide all the components into meridians and collaterals where the disease is devel­oping.

This formula has powerful effects, so it is suitable to patient with a strong costitution. It should be contraindicated to cases of yin deficiency with heat evil or pregnant women

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