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Xiao ji yin zi (Field Thistle Decoction )---小蓟饮子

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【组成】  生地黄(30g) 小蓟(15g)  滑石(15g)  木通(6g)  蒲黄(9g)  藕节(9g)  淡竹叶(9g)  当归(6g)  山栀子(9g)  炙甘草(6g)
【功用】  凉血止血,利水通淋。
【主治】  血淋尿血。尿中带血,小便频数,赤涩热痛,舌红,脉数等。
【歌诀】  小蓟饮子藕蒲黄,木通滑石生地黄,归草黑栀淡竹叶,血淋热结服之良。

Field Thirtle Decoction xiao ji yin zl

【SOURCE】: Life-Preserving Formulae

【INGREDIENTS】:Dried rehmannia root 30g,  Field thistle 15g, Talcum powder 15g,  Fiveleaf akebia 9g,  Cat-tail pollen( parched) 9g,  Node of lotus rhizome 6g,  Lophatherum 9g,  Chinese angelica root(washed with wine) 6g,  Capejasmine fruit 9g,  Roasted licorice root 6g 

【DIRECTIONS】: Decoct all the herbs in water for oral administration.

【EFFECTS】: Cooling blood to arrest bleeding and inducing diuresis to treat stranguria.

【INDICATIONS】: Blood-stranguria due to accumulation of heat in the lower- jiao marked by hematuria, frequent, painful and dribbling urination, red tongue, rapid pulse.

【ANALYSIS OF FORMULA】: It is a common formula for treatment of syn­drome of blood-stranguria. Small thistle is used as a principal herb with effects of cooling blood to arrest bleeding. Node of lotus rhizome and cat-tail pollen are used as assistant herbs to assist the principal herb in cooling blood to stop bleeding and dissipating blood stasis to make the bleeding stop without stasis left. Talcum powder clears heat, promotes urination and treat stranguria. Fiveleaf akebia and lophatherum clear the heart, promotes urination and leads heat downwards. Capejasmine fruit clears away the fire in triple-jiao induces diuresis and relieves anxie­ty. Dried rehmannia root cools blood to arrest bleeding, nourishes yin to clear away heat. Chinese angelica root, being warm in property nourishes and regulates the blood and leads the blood back to circulate in the vessels, and it is also used to counter-act the cold properties of the other herbs in the formula to prevent blood stasis. The above-mentioned herbs are used together as adjuvant herbs. Roasted licorice root, as a dispatcher herb, coordinates the effects of the other herbs in the formula.

This formula is usually used for urinary tract infection, acute glomerulone­phritis and lithangiuria marked by symptoms of accumulation of heat in the lower-jiao.

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