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Xue fu zhu yu tang(Blood-House Blood Stasis-Dispelling Decoction )---血府逐瘀汤

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【组成】  桃仁(12g) 红花(9g)  当归(9g)  生地黄(9g)  川芎(5g)  赤芍(6g)  牛膝(9g)  桔梗(5g)  柴胡(3g)  枳壳(6g)  甘草(3g)
【功用】  活血祛瘀,行气止痛。
【主治】  胸中血瘀证胸痛头痛日久,痛如针刺而有定处,或呃逆日久不止,或内热烦闷,或心悸失眠,急燥易怒,入暮潮热,唇暗或两目暗黑,舌黯红或有瘀斑,脉涩或弦紧。
【歌诀】  血府当归生地桃,红花甘草壳赤芍,柴胡芎桔牛膝等,血化下行不作劳。

Blood-House Blood Stasis-Dispelling Decoction xue fu zhu yu tang

[SOURCE]: Corrections on the Errors of Medical Works

[INGREDIENTS]: Peach kernel 12g ,  Safflower 9g ,  Chinese angelica root , Rehmannia root 6g,   Chuanxiong rhizome 5g  , Red peony root 6g,  Achyranthes root 9g,   Platycodon root 5g,  Bupleurum root 3g ,  Bitter orange 6g ,  Licorice root   3g

[DIRECTIONS]:   Decoct all the herbs in water for oral administration.

[EFFECTS]: Promoting  blood circulation to relieve stasis and activating qi to stop pain.

INDICATIONS]: Syndrome of blood   stasis in the chest manifested by long­standing prickly chest pain and   headache in a fixed region, or frequent hiccup, or choke when drinking,   retching, or dysphoria due interior-heat, palpitation, insom­nia, restlessness at the night, irritability and bad temper, fever at dusk, deep-red tongue with purple spots on its border or the surface, dark-purple lips or dark eyes, hesitant pulse or taut, tense pulse.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: It is   common formula for treatment of blood sta­sis in the chest. This formula is based on Peach Kernel-Safflower Deccotion (pre­pared rehmannia root and white   peony root are replaced by rehmannia root and red peony root in the formula)   with addition of bupleurum root, bitter orange, platycodon root, achyranthes   root and licorice root. Peach kernel and safflower as principal herbs promote blood circulation to remove stasis. Chuanxiong rhizome, red peony root and   Chinese angelica root are used as adjuvant herbs to assist prin­cipal herbs in promoting blood circulation and nourishing blood. Bupleurum root soothes the liver and relieve depression to regulate functional activities of qi;   platycodon root disperses the lung-qi and leads the effects of other herbs to  the upper portion; bitter orange lowers qi to dispel stuffiness and soothes the chest to activate qi; achyranthes root clears the blood vessels and leads  blood downward; The four of them in combination lead to the result of coordination of both as­cending and descending so that the clear goes upward, the turbid downward, and qi and blood circulate normally; Rehmannia root clears away heat, cools blood and relieves anxiousness, and combines Chinese  angelica root to nourish blood and moisten dryness so as to clear blood stasis without impairment of yin. Licorice root is used as dispatcher herb with the effect of coordinating all the other herbs.

Today this formula is often used for treatment of qi stagnation and blood sta­sis involved in coronary heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, contusion in the chest, chest pain due to costal chrondritis, neurosis,   postconcussional syndrome and others.


(1)        Orifice-Dredging and Blood-Activating Decoction (tong qiao huo xue tang)---通窍活血汤

[SOURCE]: Corrections of the Errors of Medical Works


Red peony root 3g ,  Chuanxiong rhizome 3g,   Peach kernel 9g,   Safflower 9g ,  Green Chinese onion 3g,   Fresh ginger 9g,  Chinese date(kernel removed) 7 pcs,  Musk(wrapped in a piece of cloth) 0. 15g ,  Millet wine 250g

【DIRECTIONS】: Decoct all the ingredients in water for oral administtration.

【 EFFECTS】: Promoting blood circulation to clear orifice.

【INDICATIONS】: Blood stasis in the head and face marked by headache, dizzi­ness, chronic heavy hearing, loss of hair, purple complexion, or rosacea, or vitiligo, or phthisis due to withered blood in women, infantile malnutrition manifested as e- maciated muscle, large abdomen with prominent veins, withered hair, tidal fever, etc. Today this formula can be used for treatment of sequelae of cerebral concus­sion.

(2)       Under-Diaphram Blood Stasis-Dispelling Decoction(ge xia zhu yu tang) ---膈下逐淤汤

【SOURCE】: Corrections of the Errors of Medical Works


Trogopterus dung 9g ,  Chinese angelica root 9g,   Chuanxiong rhizome 6g ,  Peach kernel 9g,   Moutan bark 6g,   Red peony root 6g,   Lindera root 6g ,  Corydalis tuber 3g,   Licorice root 3g,  Nutgrass flatsedge rhizome 5g ,  Safflower 9g ,  Bitter orange 5g   

【DIRECTIONS】 Decoct all the herbs in water for oral administration.

【EFFECTS】: Promoting blood circulation to resolve stasis and activating qi to stop pain. 

【INDICATIONS】: Sub-diaphramatic mass caused by blood stasis, or infantile mass in the abdomen, or abdominal pain in fixed region, or feeling of down-bearing as if there were something heavy in abdomen when lying in lateral position.

(3)        Lower Abdomen Blood Stasis-Dispelling Decoction (shao fu zhu yu tang)---少腹逐淤汤

【SOURCE:】 Corrections of the Errors of Medical Works

【INGREDIENTS】:Common fennel fruit 1. 5g ,  Dried ginger 3g ,  Corydalis tuber 3g,   Myrrh 3g,  Chinese angelica root 9g,   Chuanxiong rhizome 3g,   Bark of Chinese cassia tree 3g ,  Red peony root 6g ,  Cat-tail pollen 9g ,  Trogopterus dung 6g

【DIRECTIONS】: Decoct all the herbs in water for oral administration.

【EFFECTS】: Promoting blood circulation to resolve stasis and warming the meridian to stop pain.

【INDICATIONS】: Mass in the lower abdomen due to blood stasis with or with­out pain, or pain the lower abdomen without mass, or distention in the lower abdo­men, or sorenes of waist and abdominal distention during menstruation, or menor­rhagia with dark color and clots or metrorrhagia and metrostaxis with distending pain in the lower abdomen.

(4)        Blood Stagnation-Relieving Decoction for Pantalgia (shen tong zhu yu tang)-身痛逐淤汤

【SOURCE】: Corrections of Errors of Medical Works

【INGREDIENTS】:Large-leaf gentian root 3g,   Chuanxiong rhizome 6g ,  Peach kernel 9g,   Safflower 9g,   Licorice root 6g ,  Notopterygium root 3g ,  Myrrh 6g,  Chinese angelica root 9g ,  Trogopterus dung 6g ,  Nutgrass flatsedge rhizome 3g,   Achyranthes root 9g ,  Earth worm 6g

【DIRECTIONS】: Decoct all the herbs in water for oral administration.

【EFFECTS】: Promoting blood circulation, activating qi, resolving blood stasis and blockage to clear and to stop pain.

【INDICATIONS】: Blockage syndrome caused by the obstruction of qi and blood in the meridians manifested by long-standing omalgia, brachialgia, lumbago, pain in the legs or pantalgia.

NOTES: All the formulae listed above are based on chuanxiong rhizome, Chi­nese angelica root, peach kernel and safflower. They all have the effects of promo­ting blood circulation to resolve stasis and to stop pain, and are indicated for syn­dromes of blood stasis. Among them,

Blood-House Stasis-Dispelling Decoction contains bitter orange, platycodon root and bupleurum which activate qi to soothe the chest and achyranthes root which leads the blood downwards, so it is good at clearing stagnation of qi in the chest and hypochondrium and leading blood down­wards, and it is suitable for syndrome of stasis in the chest.

Orifice-Dredging and Blood-Activating Decoction contains musk and green Chinese onion which have stronger actions of promoting blood circulation and clearing orifices, and it is used for blood stasis in the head,and face.

Under Diaphram Blood Stasis-Dispelling De­coction contains nutgrass flatsedge rhizome, corydalis tuber, lindera root and bit­ter orange which soothe the liver, activate qi and stop pain, and it is used for blood stasis under the diaphram and hypochondrium marked distendng pain in the abdo­men with masses.

Lower Abdomen Blood Stasis-Dispelling Decoction contains common fennel fruit, bark of Chinese cassia tree, and dried ginger which have stronger effects of warming meridians to stop pain, so it is used for mass in the lower abdomen due to blood stasis, irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea.

Stagnation-Relieving Decoction for Pantalgia contains large—leaf gentian root, no- topterygium root and earth worm which clears the meridians and collaterals and blockage syndrome to stop pain. It is used for arthrodynia of extremities or gener­al pain in the body due to blood stasis in the meridians and collaterals.

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