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Yang he tang(Yang-Harmonizing Decoction) ---阳和汤

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【组成】  熟地(30g)  肉桂(3g)  麻黄(2g)  鹿角胶(9g)  白芥子(6g)  姜炭(2g)  生甘草(3g)
【功用】  温阳补血,散寒通滞。
【主治】  阴疽。漫肿无头,皮色不变,痠痛无热,口中不渴,舌淡苔白,脉沉细或迟细。或贴骨疽、脱疽流注、痰核、鹤膝风等属于阴寒证者。
【歌诀】  阳和汤法解寒凝,贴骨流注鹤膝风,熟地鹿角姜炭桂,麻黄白芥甘草从。

Yang-Harmonizing Decoction yang he tang

[SOUREC]: Surgery Life-Saving Collection

[ INGREDIENTS]:Prepared rehmannia root 30g,  Cinnamon bark 3g , Ephedra 2g,  Antler gelatin 9g,  White mustard seed 6g,  Baked ginger 2g Licorice 3

[DIRECTIONS]: Decoct the above herbs in water with rice wine for oral ad­ministration.

[EFFECTS]: Warming yang and nourish blood, dispelling cold and clearing sta­sis.

[INDICATIONS]: Yin gangrene due to yang dificiency with cold coagulation such as bone necrosis, gangrene of finger or toe, multiple abscess, subcutaneous nodule, and arthroncus of knee. The general clinical features are swelling without apparent boundary, aching pain without hot, normal skin color, absence of thirst, pale tongue with white coating, deep thread pulse.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: This is a well-known formula for yin gangrene in surgery. Prepared rehmannia root as the main herb warms and tonifies the liver and kidney as well as nourishing yin and blood. Antler gelatin is the assistant herb to tonify kidney and replenish essence as well as strengtheing tendons and bones. As the adjuvant herbs, ephedra is to disperse and activate yang-qi; white mustard seed to expel phlegm and dampness. The combination of these two herbs can pro­mote flow of qi and blood so as to prevent from stagnation due to the reinforce­ment of prepared rehmannia and antler gelatin. Baked ginger and cinnamon bark can effect on the blood phase to warm meridians and to expel cold. Licorice is the dispatcher herb to clear away heat and poison as well to harmonize all the compo­nents.

In the present clinic, this formula is used for bone tuberculosis, peritoneal tu­berculosis, periostitis, chronic medulitis, thromboangitis obliterans, rheumatoid ar­thritis and deep abscess of muscle pertaining to yin gangrene due to blood defi­ciency with cold coagulation.

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