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Yang yin qing fei tang(Yin-Nourishing and Lung-Clearing Decoction)---养阴清肺汤

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【组成】  大生地(12g)  麦冬(9g)  生甘草(3g)  玄参(9g)  贝母(5g)  丹皮(5g)  薄荷(3g)  白芍(炒,5g)
【功用】  养阴清肺,解毒利咽
【主治】  白喉。喉间起白如腐,不易拭去,咽喉肿痛,初起或发热或不发热,鼻干唇燥,或咳或不咳,呼吸有声,似喘非喘,脉数无力或细数。
【歌诀】  养阴清肺是妙方,玄参草芍麦地黄,薄荷贝母丹皮入,时疫白喉急煎尝。

Yin-Nourishing and Lung-Clearing Decoction yang yin qing fei tang

[SOURCE]: Jade Key to the Secluded Chamber”

[INGREDIENTS]: Rehmannia root 6g,  Ophiopogon root 6g , Licorice 2g,  Scrophularia root 5g,  Fritillary bulb 2g,  Moutan bark 2g,  Peppermint lg,  White peony root 2g

[DIRECTIONS]:Decoct the above herbs in water for oral administration.

[EFFECTS]:Nourishingy yin and clearing the lung. 

[INDICATIONS]: Diphtheria marked by false membrane in the throat which is not easy to be rubbed off sore throat. At the beginning, there are such symptoms as fever or absence of fever, dry nose and lips, cough or absence of cough, difficult breath with husky sound.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]:It is a common formula for treating diphtheria. Rehmannia root can nourish yin and clear away heat; scrophularia root can clear the lung and eliminate poison. They act as the main herbs. As the assistant herbs, ophiopogon root is to nourish yin and to clear the lung; white peony root to nour­ish blood for gentling the liver in order to prevent from injury of the lung due to the liver-fire; moutan bark to cool blood and to dissipate stasis and resolve swell­ing. Fritillary bulb can moisten the lung to resolve phlegm; peppermint can dis­perse the lung and soothe the throat. They are the adjuvant herbs. Licorice, as the dispatcher, purge fire and poison as well as harmonizing all the components.

This formula can be used, by modifications, to treat tonsillitis, laryngopharyngitis and nasopharyngeal carcinoma pertaining to yin deficiency.

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