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Yin chen wu ling san(Oriental Wormwood Plus Poria Powder with Five Herbs)---茵陈五苓散

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 Oriental Wormwood Plus Poria Powder with Five Herbs (yin chen wu ling san)---茵陈五苓散

【SOURCE】: Synopsis of prescriptions from the Golden Chamber

【INGREDIENTS】: Oriental wormwood powder l0g,  Poria Powder with Five Herbs 5g                               .

【DIRECTIONS】:Mix the herbs and take 4 to 6 grams each time after meal, three time a day.

【EFFECTS】: Expelling dampness and fading jaundice.

【INDICATIONS】: Jaundice due to damp-heat marked by pattern with more dampness then heat, disturbance in urination.


(3)     Poria Powder with Five Herbs wu ling san---五苓散

【组成】  猪苓(9g) 泽泻(15g) 白术(9g)  茯苓(9g)  桂枝(6g)

【功用】  利水渗湿,温阳化气
【主治】  (1)蓄水证小便不利头痛微热,烦渴欲饮,甚则水入即吐,舌苔白,脉浮。(2)水湿内停。水肿,泄泻小便不利,以及霍乱等。(3)痰饮。脐下动悸,吐涎沫而头眩,或短气而咳者。
【歌诀】  五苓散治太阳府,泽泻白术与二苓,温阳化气添桂枝,利便解表治水停。

[SOURCE]: Treatise on Cold- Attack

[INGREDIENTS]: Polyporus Sclerotium 9g,  oriental water plantain rhizome 15g,  Bighead atractylodes rhizome 9g,  Poria 9g,  Cinnamon twig 6g

[DIRECTIONS]:Grind all the herbs into fine powder. Take 3 to 6 grams each time with boiling water, or, decoct in water for oral administration.

[EFFECTS]: Removing dampness by diuresis and warming yang to promote transformative function of qi.

[INDICATIONS]: Syndrome of accumulation of water-dampness accompanied by the exterior-evil marked by headache, fever, heavy thirst with desire for drink­ing, vomiting after drinking water, disturbance in micturition, whitish tongue coat­ing, and floating pulse, or edema, diarrhea and vomiting, or salivation, dizziness and shortness of breath with cough.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: This formula is often used for fluid-retention with distubance in urination. Oriental water plantain rhizome with sweet and tasteless flavor and cold property is usd as a principal herbs in large dose and it directly acts on the urinary bladder to expel dampness by diuresis. Poria and Pol­yporus sclerotium as assistant herbs increase the effects of expelling excessive wa­ter. Bighead atractylodes rhizome invigorates the spleen to dry dampness. Cinna­mon twig being pungent in flavor and warm in property can relieve the exterior syndrome of Taiyang externally and assist the urinary bladder to transform qi in­ternally. It acts as adjuvant herbs.

Today this formula can be used for edema in acute or chronic nephritis, acute gastroenteritis and retention of urine belonging to the syndrome of fluid-reten­tion.

(1)      Poria Powder with Four Herbs (si ling san)  ---四苓散 

【SOURCE】: Guidance of famous Physicians

【INGREDIENTS】: Bighead atractylodes rhizome 9g,  Poria 9g,  Umbellate pore fungus 9g,  Oriental water plantain rhizome 15g

【EFFECTS】:Expelling dampness by diuresis.'

【INDICATIONS】: Overabundance of. dampness due to the spleen deficiency with scanty dark urine and loose stool.

(2)      Weiling Decoction(wei ling tang)---胃苓散

SOURCE :Danxi,s Experiential Therapies   

INGREDIENTS: It is a combination of Poria Powder with Five Herbs and Stomach-Calming Powder. 

DIRECTIONS: Decoct all the herbs with fresh ginger and Chinese dates in water for oral administration.

EFFECTS:Expelling dampness and harmonizing the stomach.'

INDICATIONS: Injury of the spleen and stomach due to cold diet in between summer and autumn marked by diarrhea with undigested food, edema, abdominal distention and disturbance in micturition.

Notes If Poria Power with Five Herbs omits cinnamon twig, it is called Poria Powder with Four Herbs. This formula is good at expelling dampness and indica­ted for syndrome of retention of water-dampness marked by disturbance in mictu­rition. Weiling Decoction consists of Poria Powder with Five Herbs and Stomach-Calming Powder. It has the effects of activating qi and excreting water, drying dampness and harmonizing the stomach, and it is usually used for syndrome of re­tention of water-dampness marked by abdominal distention, edema, disturbance in micturition or diarrhea. If oriental wormwood is added to the formula it is called Oriental Wormwood Plus Poria Powder with Five Herbs. This formula can ex­cretes dampness, clears away heat and eliminates jaundice, and is used for jaundice marked by pattern with greater dampness than heat, disturbance in micturition.



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