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You gui wan(Back to the Right Bolus(Pills) )---右归丸

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【组成】  熟地黄(24g) 山药(12g)  山茱萸(9g)  枸杞子(9g)  菟丝子(12g)  鹿角胶(12g)  杜仲(12g)  肉桂(6g)  当归(9g)  制附子(6g)
【功用】  温补肾阳,填精益髓。
【主治】  肾阳不足,命门火衰证。年老或久病气衰神疲畏寒肢冷,腰膝软弱,阳痿遗精,或阳衰无子,或饮食减少,大便不实,或小便自遗,舌淡苔白,脉沉而迟。
【歌诀】  右归丸中地附桂,山药茱萸菟丝归,杜仲鹿胶枸杞子,益火之源此方魁。


Back to the Right Bolus(Pills) (you gui wan)---右归丸 

【SOURCE】: Jingyue’s Complete Works  

【INGREDIENTS:】Prepared rhizome of rehmania 240g , Chinese yam(parched) 120g , Dowgood fruit(slightly parched) 90g,  Wolfberry fruit (slightly parched) 120g , Antler glue(parched) 120g , Dondder seed(processed) 120g, Eucommia bark(stire-backing with ginger juice) 120g , Chinese angelica root 90g , Cinnamon bark 60120g , Prepared aconite root 60120g 

【DIRECTIONS】: The boluses(pills) are made out of the powdered herbs with
honey. Each bolus weighs 9 grams. One bolus is to be taken each time with warm boiled water, twice a day; Or instead, the berbs are decocted in water proportion­ately to the dosage of the recipe.

【EFFECTS】: Warming and tonifying the kidney-yang, replenishing the essence and blood. 

【INDICATIONS】: Decline of the vital gate fire due to deficiency of the kidney- yang marked by intolerance of cold, cold limbs, impotence, seminal emission, or sterility due to deficient yang, or loose stools, even diarrhea with undigested food, enuresis, weak and tired waist and knees, edema of the lower legs. 


Backing to the Right Decoction (you gui yin)---右归饮

[SOURCE]: Jingyue’s Complete Works I

[NGREDIENTS]:Prepared rhizome of rehmannia 6 30g,  Chinese yam(parched) 6g,  Dowgood fruit 3g,  Wolfberry fruit 6g,  Roasted licorice root 6g, Eucommia bark(with preparation of fresh ginger) 6g , Cinnamon bark 6g, Prepared aconite root 9g

[DIRECTIONS]: Decoct all the herbs in water for oral administration. EFFECTS: Warming the kidney and replenishing the essence. 

[INDICATIONS]: Syndrome of deficiency of the kidney-yang manifested by ti­midity, lassitude, lumbago, abdominal pain, cold limbs, pale tongue with white coating, deep and thready pulse. Or syndrome of exuberant yin repelling yang, or cold syndrome with pseudo-heat symptoms.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: It is a common formula to warm the kidney and replenish the essence. In the recipe, prepared rhizome of rehmannia with sweet fla­vor and warm property, nourishes the kidney-yin, and is the principal herb. Dow­good fruit and wolfberry fruit replenish the liver and nourish the blood. Chinese yam and roasted licorice root benefit qi and invigorate the spleen. Cinnamon bark and prepared aconite root warm yang to dispel cold. Eucommia bark has effects of replenishing the liver and kidney and strengthening the tendons and bones. All of them are the assistant and adjuvant herbs. The combination of all herbs in the rec­ipe results in warming the kidney and replenishing the essence.

This formula is derived from Gold Chamber Kidney-Qi Pills in which pre­pared rhizome of rehmannia is used in place of dried rehmannia root and poria, ori­ental water plantain and moutain are omitted, and wolfberry fruit, eucommon bark and roasted licorice root are added, so it is stronger than Kidney-Qi Pills.



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