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Yu ping feng san(Jade Screen Powder)--- 玉屏风散

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【组成】  防风(6g)  黄芪(12g) 白术(12g)
【功用】  益气固表止汗。
【主治】  表虚自汗。汗出恶风面色白光白,舌淡苔薄白,脉浮虚。亦治虚人腠理不固,易于感冒
【歌诀】  玉屏风散最有灵,芪术防风鼎足形,表虚汗多易感冒,药虽相畏效相成。

Jade Screen Powder yu ping feng san

[SOURCE]: Danxi,s Experiential Therapies

[INGREDIENTS]: Ledebouriella Root 30g,  Astragalus root 30g,  Bighead atractylodes rhizome 60g

[DIRECTONS]: All herbs are ground into powder, 69 grams powder for each time twice a day, or they can be decocted in water for oral administration.

[EFFECTS]: Replenishing qi, consolidating the exterior and ceasing sweating.

[INDICATIONS] It is used for syndrome of unconsolidation of the exterior qi manifested by spontaneous perspiration and aversion to cold, pale complexion, pale tongus with whitish coating, floating and soft pulse, and the patient catches fre­quent wind and cold due to weak constitution.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: This is a representive formula to replenish qi and consolidate the exterior. Astragalus root with sweat flavor and warm property effects on the spleen and lung meridians. It is the principal herb for replenishing qi to consolidate the exterior. Bighead atractylodes rhizome strengthens and repleni­shes qi, consolidates the exterior to cease sweating. It assists astragalus root to strengthen the middle-jiao so that the source of growth and transformation becomes richer, the exterior qi will be stronger, and the excretion of perspiration is controlled. Attack of the evil-qi is prevented. Ledebouriella root promotes the sur­face of the body to expel wind. The combination of astragalus root with Ledebou­riella root has such advantages as consolidating the exterior and preventing from retaining the evil-qi within the body, and expelling the evil-qi and avoiding impair­ment of the genuine-qi; It really is a good combination of tonification with disper­sion. Thus, for patient with spontaneous perspiration due to deficiency of the exte­rior, it can consolidate the exterior to cease sweating; for patient with frequent common cold due to qi deficiency, it can consolidate the exterior-qi and expel the evil-qi.

Both Jade Screen powder and Cassia Twig Decoction can be used for sponta­neous perspiration. The former consolidates the exterior to cease perspiration and is indicated to spontaneous perspiration due to unconsolidation of defensive yang, whilst the latter stresses on harmonizing nutrient-qi and defense-qi and is good at relieving exterior syndrome, being applicable for spontaneous perspiration caused by exogenous wind-cold.

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