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Ze xie ( Rhizoma Alismatis )---泽泻(powder100g/bottle)

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It is the dried stem tuber of Alisma orientalis ( Sam.) Juzep., family Alismataceae. It is collected when the stem and leaf are begining to wither in the winter season, and then it is dried in oven. The roots and raw peels are removed, after being steeped in water, it is then cut into pieces, dried in the sunshine. The raw stir-baked forms, with bran or salt, can be tuilized as medicine.

[ Medicinal Properties ]: Sweet and cold; relate to the kidney and bladder meridians.

[ Usage and Dosage ]: 6-9g. It is utilized orally. The stir-baked form is often used for draining dampness in order to stop diarrhea. While, the raw form is often used to promote diuresis and eliminate heat.
[ Medicinal Efficacies ]: Promote diuresis to drain dampness;expel heat.
[ Clinical Applications ]: Dysuria, edema, diarrhea, dizziness due to retention of phlegm, leukorrhea, heat stranguria with astringent pain in urination. It is cold in nature and has the function of eliminating heat in the kidneys and bladeder. It is especially useful for water and dampness accumulation syndromes with heat predominance. In case of diarrhea and dizziness, due to retention of phlegm, it is often combined together with Baizhu, such as in the Zexie Decoction. For leukorrhea, heat stranguria and astringent pain in urination, due to damp-heat, it is often combined with Longdancao, Cheqianzi and Mutong, such as in the Longdan Xiegan Decoction.

泽泻为泽泻科植物泽泻Alisma orientalis ( Sam. ) Juzep.的干燥块茎。主产福建、 四川、江西等地。冬季茎叶开始枯萎时采挖,洗净,干燥,除去须根及粗皮,以水润透切片,晒干。麸炒或盐水炒用。
【药性】甘,寒。归肾、膀胱经。        【功效】利水消肿,渗湿,泄热。       
【应用】        1.水肿,小便不利,泄泻。本品淡渗,其利水作用较强,治疗水湿停蓄之水肿,小便不利,常和茯苓、猪苓、桂枝配用,如五苓散(《伤寒论》);泽泻能利小便而实大便,治脾胃伤冷,水谷不分,泄泻不止,与厚朴、苍术、陈皮配用,如胃苓汤(《丹溪心法》);本品泻水湿,行痰饮,常治痰饮停聚,清阳不升之头目昏眩,配白术同用,如泽泻汤(《金匮要略》)。       
【古籍摘要】        1.《药性论》:“主肾虚精自出,治五淋,利膀胱热,宣通水。”        2.《本草要略》:“除湿通淋,止渴,治水肿,止泻痢,以猪苓佐之。”        3.《本草纲目》:“渗湿热,行痰饮,止呕吐、泻痢、疝痛、脚气。”       
【现代研究】        1.化学成分:本品主要含泽泻萜醇A、B、C,挥发油生物碱、天门冬素、树脂等。       
3.临床研究:据报道, 泽泻、苍术水煎,加蜂蜜调制成膏,口服,治疗复发性丹毒,有效(浙江中医杂志,1999,7:293)。口服泽泻片 (每片相当于生药2.5~2.8g)。治疗高脂血症,有明显好转(中草药通讯1976,7:31)。 泽泻、白术,水煎服,治疗内耳眩晕病,有效(陕西中医,1989,12:534)。       

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