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Zeng ye tang(Body Fluid-Increasing Decoction)---增液汤

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【组成】  玄参(30g)  麦冬(24g)  细生地(24g)

【功用】  增液润燥。
【主治】  阳明温病,津亏便秘证。大便秘结口渴舌干红,脉细数或沉而无力者。
【歌诀】  增液玄参与麦冬,热病津枯便不通,补药之体作泻剂,但非重用不为功。
Body Fluid-Increasing Decoction zeng ye tang

[SOURCE]: Differentiation on Warm Diseases Item by Item

[INGREDIENTS]:Scrophularia root 30g,  Ophiopogon root 24g,  Rehmannia root 24g

[DIRECTIONS]:Decoct the above herbs in water for oral administration.

[EFFECTS]:Nourishing yin to clear away heat, moistening dryness to relieve constipation.

[INDICATIONS]:Warm diseases pertaining to Yangming Meridian marked by constipation due to insufficiency of the body fluid, or two or three day later after being purged, reoccurrence of constipation, deep and feeble pulse.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: It is a representative formula for increasing the body fluid and moistening dryness to relieve constipation. Being salt flavor and cold nature, scrophularia root acts as the main herb to moisten purgation. Being sweet flavor and cold nature, ophiopogon root can moisten dryness; while rehman­nia root can nourish yin. They act as the assistant herbs. The main purpose of this formula is to increase the body fluid but not for purging. So large dosage is needed for relieving constipation. If constipation is not relieved yet after taking the decoc­tion, then taking it again or adding rhubarb and mirabilite in the formula.

It is set up for the case of insufficiency of the body fluid without severe dry constipation. So it is not advisable to apply it to case of insufficiency of the body fluid with severe dry constipation


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