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Zhen gan xi feng tang(Liver-Subduing and Wind-Stopping Decoction) ---镇肝熄风汤

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【组成】  怀牛膝(30g)  生赭石(30g)  生龙骨(15g)  生牡蛎(15g)  生龟版(15g)  生杭芍(15g)  玄参(15g)  天冬(15g)  川楝子(6g)  生麦芽(6g)  茵陈(6g)  甘草(4.5g)
【功用】  镇肝熄风,滋阴潜阳
【主治】  类中风。头目眩晕,目胀耳鸣,脑部热痛,心中烦热,面色如醉,或时常噫气,或肢体渐觉不利,口角渐形歪斜;甚或眩晕颠仆,昏不知人,移时始醒;或醒后不能复原,脉弦长有力者。
【歌诀】  镇肝熄风芍天冬,玄参牡蛎赭茵供,麦龟膝草龙川楝,肝风内动有奇功。
Liver-Subduing and Wind-Stopping Decoction zhen gan xi feng tang

[SOURCE]: Integration of Chinese and Western Medicine

[INGREDIENTS]: Achyranthes root 30g,  Red ochre 30g,   Dragon’s bone 15g,   Oyster shell 15g,   Tortoise plastron 15g,   White peony root 15g ,  & Scrophularia root 15g,   Asparagus root 15g ,  Sichuan chinaberry 6g ,  Germinated barley 6g ,  Oriental wormwood 6g,   Licorice 4. 5g   

[DIRECTIONS]:Decoct the above herbs in water for oral administration.

[ EFFECTS]:Subduing the liver to stop wind, nourishing yin to calm yang.

[INDICATIONS]: Hyperactivity of the liver-yang with stirring up of the liver- wind manifested by vertigo, tension of eyes, tinnitus, feverish pain and anxiety of the chest, drunk-like complexion, belching, or gradually stiff of limbs, and gradu­ally wrying of mouth, or even syncope, long and forceful pulse. 

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: This is a good formula for subduing the liver and stopping wind. Achyranthes root, having its tropism of the Liver and Kidney Meridians ,acting as the main herb, can bring blood downward and tonify both the liv­er and kidney. As the assistant herbs, red ocher, dragon’s bone and oyster shell lower the rebellious yang-qi and subdue the liver to stop wind. Tortoise plastron, scrophularia root, asparagus root and white peony root can nourish the yin-fluid to restrict yang; oriental wormwood, sichuan chinaberry and germinated barley can soothe the stagnated liver-qi; licorice can harmonize all the components and the stomach. They all act as the adjuvant and dispatcher herbs.

Modifications in the original book: For the severe feverish sensation of the chest, adding gypsum 3Qg;    for abundant expectoration, adding arisaema tuber 6g;    for case with feeble pulse at the “chi”portion, adding prepared rehmannia root 24g and dogwood fruit 15g;     for case with loose stool, removing tortoise plastron and red ocher, adding red halloysite 30g.

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