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Zhi bao dan(Real Treasure Pillets) ---至宝丹

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【组成】  水牛角浓缩粉(一两)  朱砂(一两)  雄黄(一两)  生玳瑁屑(一两)  琥珀(一两)  麝香(一分)  龙脑(一分)  金箔(十片)  银箔(研,五十片)  牛黄(研,半两)  安息香(一两半)
【功用】  清热开窍,化浊解毒。
【主治】  痰热内闭心包证。神昏谵语,身热烦躁,痰盛气粗,舌红苔黄垢腻,脉滑数,以及中风中暑、小儿惊厥属于痰热内闭者。
【歌诀】  至宝朱砂麝息香,雄黄牛角与牛黄,金银二箔兼龙脑,琥珀还同玳瑁良。

Real Treasure Pillets zhi bao dan

SOURCE: Formulae of Peaceful Benevolent Dispensary


Rhinoceros horn(ground) 30g Hawksbill shell(ground) 30g Amber (ground) 30g

Cinnabar(refined powder with water) 30g

Realgar( refined poweder with water) 3g

Borneol(ground) 7. 5g

Musk(ground) 7. 5g

Bovine gall-stone 15g

Benzoin 45 g

Gold foil (half for ingredient and half for coating) 50 pieces Silver foil 50 pieces

[DIRECTIONS]: Grind the above-mentioned herbs into fine powder and then mix them with honey to make into boluses, each weighing 3 grams. Take one bo­lus to be grouned for oral administration with warm boiled water, once a day, half bolus for children.

[EFFECTS]: Clearing away heat and openning orifices, resolving turbid-qi and detoxicating.

I[NDICATIONS]: Heatstroke, apoplexy and closure synndrome due to phlegm- heat occurring in the course of warm-disease marked by coma and delirium, fever and restlessness, abundant expectoration, harsh respiration, red tongue with yellow, thick and greasy coating, slippery and rapid pulse, and infantile convulsion manifested as the above syndrome.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: It is a key formula which is used for both sweep­ing away phlegm to open orifices and clearing away heat and toxins. Musk has ar­omatic odor and remarkable effect of stimulating all the orifices. Benzoin opens or­ifices, removes fetid odor and resolves turbid-qi by its aroma. Borneol has strong aromatic odor and effect of openning orifices. They work together as the principal herbs, Bovine gall-stone clears the heart, poisons and phlegm to open orifices. Rhi­noceros horn clears the nutrient phase and cools the blood, is good at clearing a- way heat-evil in the pericardium. Hawksbill shell clears away heat and toxins and relieves convulsion. Realgar clears phlegm and toxins. All of them are assistant herbs. Cinnabar, Amber, gold foil and silver foil as adjuvant and dispatcher herbs tranquilize the mind by their heavy properties.

This formula has stronger resuscitation effects with aromatic nature, and is very effective for coma due to stagnation of phlegm-heat.

The Real Treasure Pillet is used for oral administration with Ginseng Decoc­tion in original formula. It aims at strengthening the action of replenishing vital energy. This formula is suitable for weakeness of the genuine-qi with feeble pulse. Another method in original formula is to be taken after being soaked in vir­gin boy urine and fresh ginger juice in order to increase the actions of removing phlegm and stopping vomiting and nourishing yin to purge fire, and it is therefore suitable for heat closure syndrome with pulse of excess type.

This formula contains quite a lot of herbs with pungent flavor and dry na­ture, which consume yin-fluid, therefore, it is not indicated to coma and delirium caused by yang exuberance due to yin deficiency, and it has to be taken with great care in pregnant woman.

In clinical practice, this formula is usually used for encephalitis B, epidemisc cerebrospinal meningitis, cerebrovascular accident, heat stroke hepatic coma and other diseases manifested by the above symptomes.

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