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Zhi sou san(Cough-stopping Powder)---止嗽散

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【组成】  桔梗(炒9g)  荆芥(9g)  紫菀(蒸9g)  百部(蒸9g)  白前(蒸9g)  陈皮(6g)  甘草(炒3g)
【功用】  宣利肺气,疏风止咳。
【主治】  风邪犯肺证。咳嗽咽痒,咳痰不爽,或微有恶风发热舌苔薄白,脉浮缓。
【歌诀】  止嗽散内用桔梗,紫菀荆芥百部陈,白前甘草共为末,姜汤调服止嗽频。

Cough-stopping Powder zhi sou san ( Platycodon & Schizonepeta formula)

[SOURCE]: Medicine Comprehended


Balloonflower root (platycodon) (parched) 9g,  Schizonepeta 9g,  Tatarian aster root (steamed) 9g,   Stemona tuber (steamed) 9g ,  Willowleaf wallowwort Rhizome  (steamed) 9g ,  Roasted licorice root 3g ,  Tangerine peel 4g

[DIRECTIONS]:Grind the above herbs into fine powder. Take 6 grams- 9 g/each time with warm boiled water or with ginger decoction. The herbs can also be de­cocted in water for oral administration, with the dose reduced proportionally.

[EFFECTS]: Stopping cough and resolving phlegm, reliving the exterior syn­drome and dispersing the lung.

I[NDICATIONS]: Wind-evil attack of the lung marked by cough, itching throat, slight chills and fever, or difficulty in expectioration, white and thin tongue coating etc.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]:It is a common formula to stop cough and resolve phlegm. Tatarian aster root, wallowwart rhizome and stemona tuber stop cough and resolve phlegm, which are effective against both chronic cough and cough due to exogenous attack. Balloon flower root, tangerine peel disperse and ventilate the lung-qi, stop cough and remove phlegm. Schizonepeta dispels wind-evil to relieves the exterior syndrome. Roasted licorice root mediates the actions of the other herbs, The combination of these two herbs with balloon frower root can relieve sore throat more effectively.

This formula is characterized by warming moistness and moderation. Hence, it can be modified to treat various cough due to exogenous attack. If the case is complicated by headache, stuffy nose and aversion to cold, ledebouriella root, pe­rilla leaf and fresh ginger can be added to dispel cold-evil and release the exterior. If the case is complicated by headache, aversion to wind, fever, bitter mouth taste, sore throat, yellow phlegm, red tongue, mulberry leaf, arctium fruit, peppermint, scutellaria root and forsythia fruit can be added to dispel wind and heat and re­lease exterior. If there is a dry cough or little sputum, omit schizonepeta and tan­gerine peel can be omitted and add mulberry bark, trichosanthes fruit and loquat leaf can be added to clear and, moisten the lung and resolve phlegm. If the cough is accompanied by abundant phlegm, poor appetite, tastelessness, stuffy chest, pinellia tuber and poria can be added to dry out the dampness and resolve the phlegm.

Today this formula is often used for common cold, influenza, bronchitis, fulminant chronic bronchitis manfested as syndrome of wind-evil attack of the lung.

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