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Zhu ling tang(Polyporus Decoction)---猪苓汤

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【组成】  猪苓(9g)  茯苓(9g)  泽泻(9g)  阿胶(9g)  滑石(9g)
【功用】  利水清热养阴。
【主治】  水热互结证。小便不利发热口渴欲饮,或心烦不寐,或兼有咳嗽,呕恶,下利等,舌红苔白或微黄,脉细数者。
【歌诀】  猪苓汤用猪茯苓,泽泻滑石阿胶并,小便不利兼烦渴,利水养阴热亦平。

Polyporus Decoction zhu ling tang

[SOURCE]:Treatise on Cold-Attack

[INGREDIENTS]: Polyporus sclerotium 9g,  Poria 9g,  Oriental water plantain rhizome 9g,  Donkey-hide gelatin 9g,  Talc 9g

[DIRECTIONS]: Decoct all the herbs except donkey-hide gelatin in water for oral administration. Donkey-hide gelatin should be taken after being melted by the finished decoction in two separate doses.

[EFFECTS] Diuresis, clearing away heat and nourishing yin.

[INDICATIONS]: Accumlation of water and heat with impairment of yin-fluid marked by disturbance in micturition, fever, thirst, or insomnia with restlessness, or cough, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or pain in micturition, hemoturia, distention in the lower abdomen, red tongue with white coating, thready and rapid pulse.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]:It is a common formula for diuresis, cleaing heat and nourishing yin. Poria and polyporus sclerotium are principal herbs with the effects of diuresis, invigorating the spleen and soothing the stomach. Oriental wa­ter plantain rhizome dispels damp-turbidity. Talc facilitates diuresis to treat stran­guria and clears away heat to nourish yin. They are assistant herbs. Donkey-hide gelatin as adjuvant herb nourishes yin to clear away heat, and prevent the other herbs from impairing yin-fluid. The combination of the five herbs results in facilitating diuresis without impairment of yin and nourishing yin without retaining the evil-qi,and gets the water-dampness dispelled, heat-evil cleared away so that yin- fluid will be restored.

In clinical practice, this formula is used for urinary infection and nephritis manifested by disturbance in micturition accompanied by yin deficiency with heat.

Poria Powder with Five Herbs and this formula are both attributable to for­mulae of diuretic, so their functions are similar. They can be used for disturbance in micturition. However the former has diuretic herbs to excret dampness com­bined with connamon twig which activates yang, promotes transformative function of qi and facilitate diuresis, so it is indicated for syndrome of water accumulation due to failure of the urinary bladder in transforming qi. The latter has diuretic herbs to excret dampness combined with dondey-hide gelatin which nourishes yin, clears away heat and facilitates diuresis, so it is used for accumulation of water and heat accompanied by impairment of yin marked by disturbance in micturiation

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